August 11th, 2011

Twilight Zone is Cool (and so are bowties)

I love the Twilight Zone and the Outer Limits.  Not more than Torchwood or Doctor Who - but the Twilight Zone in particular is so harmlessly trippy!  The Twilight Zone was made before humanity made it to the moon so everything is filled with such optimism for space travel and deals with some quite heavy subjects.  What I love is that despite the heavy subject matter everything is wrapped up in 1959 wholesome values.  It just makes me giggle! 

I am itching to see the new Doctor Who - hurry up will you!  The Doctor going after Hitler ---- I am so there! 

Am back at University - I am not as happy thins semester because once it is over I have to leave and get a grown up job.  Which is utterly horrendous.  And Scary.  I am going to distract myself with some quality fanfiction and some Twilight Zone.   Both of which are better for my sanity and state of mental health than contemplating the murky future where I actually have to worry about stuff like jobs and leaving home.  Pfft!