June 17th, 2011

Blood Moon and Existentialism

Last night here in Australia we we privy to a luna eclipse due to the clouds of ash in the sky.  I didn't witness it myself but it is interesting, I think, what happens in the sky during the night and day because they are constant.  Even at night the sun shines and during the day the moon shines just the same. 

Of course none of this means anything to us as people because we are too busy watching the inane game shows or so called reality television.  Escapism is what it's called and I am no better.  ALthough I think the quality of my escapsit programs are of a higher standard than games shows and reality television.  (Science Fiction, Fantasy and Vampires all the way) BTW TORCHWOD RULES!!!!  (Doctor Who too). 

Sometimes I just sit and thinks of the vastness of the Earth and I can bearly comprehend how insignificant I am within that context.  However when I try to imagine the scope of the galaxy or the universe I get swept into an existentialist crisis.  We are small and bearly there within the universe so what is the damn point.  That is something I would really like to know. 

Soon I will be finished with education and I will have to enter the job market.  FUCK!  I wish The Doctor could come and sweep me away - don't we all though - and travel in the TARDIS. 

Oh Well. 

I have around another four weeks of holidays left before semester 2.  I intend to make the most of it. 

(It's the only time I get to be a night owl and sleep the day away)