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e-Bay versus retail... and the winner is


Traditional person that I am (read perpetually broke) e-Bay is something that I have looked at but never shopped with.  Internet shopping is for people with regualr (or semi-regular) independant incomes, not students that live at home and have no job. 

However I am an avid collector of TV series on DVD I have an extensive - enviable - collection.  The problem is that I keep discovering new shows that I like and I buy them.  However my knack is that I pick favourites and long running shows - thus more DVD's to keep an eye and wallet out for.  I have recently discovered Doctor Who and Torchwood - Torchwood happened to come first.  I try to keep away from the hardcore sciencee fiction becasue they run forever - even I know that - I have managed to keep away from star trek and I intend to keep it that way.  Long running series are far too complicated to catch up on - even if I were so inclined.  But with Doctor Who the new series is independant from the old series in many ways and you don't have to know what came before.  So I set about finding out how much Torchwood and Doctor Who cost in retail stores - JB HI FI and EZY DVD - are the main DVD retailers within Australia and upon looking at those sites I found that a season consisting of thirteen episodes costs - roughly - from $96 - $107 (that's Australian dollars) or I could get Torchwood seasons 1-3 in a Boxset for $250. 

This is where the brilliance of e-Bay comes into play.  JBHIFI was having a 20% off sale and I was chatting about how Torchwood would be almost affordable with Mum.  That was last Thursday - that night Mum called me into the computer room and showed me Torchwood Seasons 1-3 for $51 with $10 P&H she agreed to purchase it for me.  I lost that page but then found the same product for $53.75 no P&H so I got that one.  Today I received notice that payment has been received and the DVD's will be sent within 24 hours and I should get them within a month.  (They are being sent from the UK!)

So in the battle of retail shops versu e-Bay - e-Bay wins hands down.   

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