Daylight Savings is to be Gone!

I am really excited right now that in two days time daylight savings will be over. I love the winter months and the colder weather because I get to wear my favourite clothes. COnsidering I have lost over 20kg in the last year the clothes fit so much better!
The only drawback is that my evening classes finish 8pm-8.30pm and I have to walk to the train. As it is in the City it isn't too bad, but it can get nippy and sometimes creepy. I hope everyone had a great Easter full of family and chocolate - mine was!

My Dog Has Died

My beloved dog Buddy has died tonight and I am broken-hearted. He was sick with presumed gastritis and he got better. As it turns out he didn't have gastritis and we don't know what was wrong with him. All I know is that it took approximately 5 hours for him to turn from healthy and happy to dead. I am so angry. I prayed to God thanking him for healing my dog and all I know now is that I am without my beloved doggie. For a long time he was my only friend and now he is gone and I will never get to experience his love and life again and I think that I will never be the same. I don't know if I will ever forgive God for what I perceive to be a massive betrayal. Please pray for all of us who are without our pets and are craving solace.

Doctor Who Quiz'

The first time I tried this quiz I got the Third Doctor but this is what I got this time:

You are Captain Jack Harkness
You are Captain Jack Harkness
Take The Doctor Who Personality Test and Horoscope today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.</p>
You are a charming person who is not afraid to try new things (in the bedroom or otherwise). In situations of high stress, you step up to the plate and pull out the pistol you have been smuggling in your bum to fight your way out. You live life hard and fast and ensure everyone involved has a good time. You are also not beyond bending a few laws (natural or otherwise) to accomplish your goals. You will one day introduce every member of your office staff to the joys of homosexuality.

I love quizzes like this - they are complete nonsense and heaps of fun. I think that this is a great way to celebrate the retun of my laptop - fixed! YAY!!! Now I don't know the Doctor Who equivalent of Star Trek's "Live Long and Prosper" but I will leave it at: Fantastic, Allon-sy and Geronimo!

Twilight Zone is Cool (and so are bowties)

I love the Twilight Zone and the Outer Limits.  Not more than Torchwood or Doctor Who - but the Twilight Zone in particular is so harmlessly trippy!  The Twilight Zone was made before humanity made it to the moon so everything is filled with such optimism for space travel and deals with some quite heavy subjects.  What I love is that despite the heavy subject matter everything is wrapped up in 1959 wholesome values.  It just makes me giggle! 

I am itching to see the new Doctor Who - hurry up will you!  The Doctor going after Hitler ---- I am so there! 

Am back at University - I am not as happy thins semester because once it is over I have to leave and get a grown up job.  Which is utterly horrendous.  And Scary.  I am going to distract myself with some quality fanfiction and some Twilight Zone.   Both of which are better for my sanity and state of mental health than contemplating the murky future where I actually have to worry about stuff like jobs and leaving home.  Pfft!   


Having recently received my Torchwood box set, from the wonderful e-Bay, I have moved myself into other arenas of Torchwood.  Whilst I am still avoiding Torchwood Miracle Day I am keeping an eye on things and the minute I read a spoiler about Jack's new love interest (and we know that there will be one) I am preparing to throw a very private hissy fit.  I am strictly Ianto/Jack (Janto) and I am not changing that any time soon. 

That said I love the concept of the radio plays.  I used to love them when I was a child, Tom's Midnigh Garden, Playing Beattie Bow, Anne of Green Gables, Ballet Shoes, Just A Minute, Hancock's Half Hour etc I used to listen to them all over and over again whilst doing jigsaw puzzles.  So that said I have to get my hands on the Torchwood radio plays - thankfully my local library has them.  The only place I can find them in Australia is at the ABC shop - not outrageously expensive, but not cheap.  The library will do for now. 

I really hope that they make more radio plays starring Ianto and the team! 

Having just watched Doctor Who, the way it compares with Torchwood is that Doctor Who is a little manic and I love that.  But Torchwood has Janto - SOLD TORCHWOOD WINS.  Plus I always feel like I am missing a joke in Doctor Who because I never saw the Classic Doctor Who.  I was born in 1989 - I think it was finished by then. 

That said RIVER SONG IS MELODY POND!!!  And we have to wait until September to find out what the hell is going on in season 6 of New Who! 

The point of this post... point what point who needs a point?  (Other than Janto all the way)       ; -P

e-Bay versus retail... and the winner is


Traditional person that I am (read perpetually broke) e-Bay is something that I have looked at but never shopped with.  Internet shopping is for people with regualr (or semi-regular) independant incomes, not students that live at home and have no job. 

However I am an avid collector of TV series on DVD I have an extensive - enviable - collection.  The problem is that I keep discovering new shows that I like and I buy them.  However my knack is that I pick favourites and long running shows - thus more DVD's to keep an eye and wallet out for.  I have recently discovered Doctor Who and Torchwood - Torchwood happened to come first.  I try to keep away from the hardcore sciencee fiction becasue they run forever - even I know that - I have managed to keep away from star trek and I intend to keep it that way.  Long running series are far too complicated to catch up on - even if I were so inclined.  But with Doctor Who the new series is independant from the old series in many ways and you don't have to know what came before.  So I set about finding out how much Torchwood and Doctor Who cost in retail stores - JB HI FI and EZY DVD - are the main DVD retailers within Australia and upon looking at those sites I found that a season consisting of thirteen episodes costs - roughly - from $96 - $107 (that's Australian dollars) or I could get Torchwood seasons 1-3 in a Boxset for $250. 

This is where the brilliance of e-Bay comes into play.  JBHIFI was having a 20% off sale and I was chatting about how Torchwood would be almost affordable with Mum.  That was last Thursday - that night Mum called me into the computer room and showed me Torchwood Seasons 1-3 for $51 with $10 P&H she agreed to purchase it for me.  I lost that page but then found the same product for $53.75 no P&H so I got that one.  Today I received notice that payment has been received and the DVD's will be sent within 24 hours and I should get them within a month.  (They are being sent from the UK!)

So in the battle of retail shops versu e-Bay - e-Bay wins hands down.   

Blood Moon and Existentialism

Last night here in Australia we we privy to a luna eclipse due to the clouds of ash in the sky.  I didn't witness it myself but it is interesting, I think, what happens in the sky during the night and day because they are constant.  Even at night the sun shines and during the day the moon shines just the same. 

Of course none of this means anything to us as people because we are too busy watching the inane game shows or so called reality television.  Escapism is what it's called and I am no better.  ALthough I think the quality of my escapsit programs are of a higher standard than games shows and reality television.  (Science Fiction, Fantasy and Vampires all the way) BTW TORCHWOD RULES!!!!  (Doctor Who too). 

Sometimes I just sit and thinks of the vastness of the Earth and I can bearly comprehend how insignificant I am within that context.  However when I try to imagine the scope of the galaxy or the universe I get swept into an existentialist crisis.  We are small and bearly there within the universe so what is the damn point.  That is something I would really like to know. 

Soon I will be finished with education and I will have to enter the job market.  FUCK!  I wish The Doctor could come and sweep me away - don't we all though - and travel in the TARDIS. 

Oh Well. 

I have around another four weeks of holidays left before semester 2.  I intend to make the most of it. 

(It's the only time I get to be a night owl and sleep the day away)


LiveJournal + Fanfiction

Fanfiction is a lifestyle.  Thus true afficionados of fandom join communities and groups to fascilitate what does not - higher standards in terms of quality in fanfiction. 

I tried Livejournal when I was younger and got nowhere.  I was too young and not all that tech-savvy.  I haven't improved much but I will try.  Plus who reads this tat?  I don't write fanfiction.  I am strictly a reader.  That said anyone looking for a beta in the Torchwood, Glee or Harry Potter fandoms may look to me.  Editing is my life. (second to fanfiction) (WELL --- third to fanfiction and tv series on dvd)